Pencil by Zeke

Pencil by Zeke
Naomi’s Baloney contains an assortment of come-what-may ingredients, in the devil-may-care tradition. Pursued by no one in particular, this unique and robust blend of flavors is palatable by connoisseurs, lauded to hail a renaissance by Masters in the baloney tradition. Pulling on elements heretofore seen only in the darkest alleys behind dimly lit clubs hosting open-mic poetry nights, Naomi’s Baloney promises nothing and delivers it, wildly, to anticipatory crowds of one or more, on a fairly inconsistent schedule. Against the back-drop of an indeterminate future, in the not-yet gentrified corner pocket of the Emerald City’s billiard-table, though still a barely known and certainly not new name in the game, Naomi’s Baloney is poised to take the journey of glory all the way to the Big Rock Candy Mountain.

What.    Why. 

One comment

  1. whollyfield · July 28, 2014

    I will misunderstand you in the best possible light. Promise.


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