Poetry & Spoken Word

At the early age of 4, I was introduced to poetry, by my grandmother. I quickly followed said introduction with my first attempt at the form. I tormented many family members, friends and eventually, when age appropriate, romantic partners with requests to hear my most recent piece. I finally acknowledged this disease to myself and began seeking events and venues for open mic events, and sharpening up spoken word pieces for said events and venues.

I have performed spoken word over the years, starting in Seattle, several spots in Sacramento, Oklahoma City and some spots in that triangulated area. I’ve also performed as a Speaker for several speech events in college, and worked as a Speech & Debate tutor for 2 years at a community college. I performed at the “Poets Against the War” event, on the steps of the State Capitol in Sacramento, co-developed and acted as MC for a one time event, “Poetry In the Park”, a 12-hour poetry event in a public park high-lighting many local Sacramento poets, including Jose Montoya, of the Royal Chicano Airforce, and then-Poet Laureate, as well as coordinating an ongoing fund-raising event for a college-level Speech & Debate team at a locally owned coffee-shop that gives competitive speakers an opportunity to perform their entertainment and dinner-theatre speeches outside of a competitive venue, and raise funds to travel for competition all over the US.



What say ye?

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