children can play without toys

everything was a toy, for any child who imagined it so
before there were things labeled toys, in stores named for the selling of toys, supporting several billions of dollars of industry of toy designers, toy-making factory workers, and toy-maker marketers, it takes all of these, to reduce the mind of a child to see things as they are, toys, in boxes, marked and labeled with instructions, and everything else, as only it’s cover, at it’s boldly colored face, only as it is marked and labeled as, to look for the instructions everywhere, to steal the magical power of the imagination of a child, to turn it into industry, and leave all the children, everywhere, deprived of their own beautiful mind, as it is, without the labels and marks of industry, without the instructions that all play is only available through purchase, it is not the children that invented this dilemma, we all suffer it, we inoculate them with it and wish they would do differently than the instructions given