Mutiny II

the Captain of a slave ship, plots in drunken discourse

the ways and means of keeping freedom free, preventing anarchy..

I am a slave packed tightly in, like gunpowder..

I am that flint, sparking mutiny,

my destiny to strike, to be stricken and so on,

the plot thickens, with drippins of pig fat on collards,

with whippins on children in collars,

sold for pennies on the dollar,

who in time grow,  to be a scholar made free,

rarely taken seriously by the culture at large, those in charge,

who write history, turning away guiltily,

packing it away into dusty boxes under cobwebbed eaves,

those blood-toothed foxes, ever free to disagree with We, and who We will Be.

I am freedom, blowing the attics down with 3 deep breathes from my solar plexus,

the nexus that birthed this blessed it and hasn’t been to rest yet,

it is still in the beginning,

there is no way to resist this tie that binds,

knotted in the middle of us and unraveling our frayed ends,

is there no way to discuss this except in rhymes of ancient fires that are still burning in our

southern parts, still breaking our hearts,

still pausing all starts down the road rarely taken,

where faith is shaken, and stirred, and then is risen,

where free hearts and minds are lured to lead themselves from this prison

{click on the phrases in pink for a tour}


  1. Mike H. · November 2, 2014

    Very deep, indeed. I like – ” I am that flint, sparking mutiny “, and I like – ” the plot thickens, with drippins of pig fat on collards “. Thank you for sharing – ” where faith is shaken “. Your Dad

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dane · September 15, 2014

    slam. damn. Thank you Mame. :snap snap:

    Liked by 1 person

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